Finding interesting kids activities can often be a challenge, with three kids between us trust us we know!  Kletterwald Neroberg climbing centre fits the bill! Located just outside Wiesbaden, we know we know, the longer you live in Frankfurt the further away Wiesbaden appears.  Saying that, this spot is totally worth the effort (especially if you love the outdoors and/or have energetic little humans!)

Zip lining, tree top ‘surfing’ & plenty of fun (just don’t look down!) for the whole family!  First things first – head gear, harnesses & safety briefing (we are no longer in India and sometimes forget that ‘anything goes’ is no longer an option).  After that it’s time to get your big boy pants on and go as high as you dare!

Importantly, all routes are colour coded and there is a separate section for kids under 6, although kids up to the around the age of 8/9 are allowed and also thoroughly enjoying it.  Also, for kids over the age of 6 climbing for the first time it’s a great way to acclimatise.  After they can head out and try their hand on the higher climbing challenges!

Pack a picnic and plenty of snacks because climbing makes you hungry! In addition to the picnic, bring a flask of hot coffee.  It was one of the best decisions we made that day (although the coffee didn’t quite make it down to our toes and they were frozen when we left!) . It’s worth mentioning again, that with it being an outdoor kids activity in the winter months it’s freezing!

Furthermore, it’s a great option for an adventurous birthday party!  There are different packages available, and depending on what you have in mind you can choose to have a trainer allocated to take the kids on the adventure course – for more information on the birthdays check their website here

Finally their loyalty cards are a nice touch – in this day and age loyalty so often seems a second thought so when it’s rewarded it leaves a smile on our face!

Good to know:

  • they seem to close the A66 sporadically as a result of road works so account for this when planning your trip
  • Kids under 6 are only allowed on the kids course
  • If you don’t plan on climbing there is no need to buy an adult ticket (I made this mistake initially when booking online – staff were super lovely though and happily refunded me)
  • Kids under 12 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Dress appropriately in warmth and durable clothing (girls definitely avoid skirts)
  • Entrance fee gets you 4 hours of climbing
    • Kids course: € 7
    • Kids under 18: € 14
    • Adults: € 21
  • Dynochrom is great indoor alternative

When making the trip out there, there are a couple of other cool things to do to…Neroberg train, the Gold Russian Cathedral.  Also, there is a beer garden a stones throw away (climbing makes for thirsty work, wink wink nudge nudge)

65193 Wiesbaden

Monday & Tuesday, Closed
Wednesday & Thursday, 2pm -8pm
Friday – Sunday, 9am – 8pm

Additional Info:  website | facebook | instagram

Price Guide:

  • Entrance fee gets you 4 hours of climbing
    • Kids course: € 7
    • Kids under 18: € 14
    • Adults: € 21