Our Story

They say many things are born out of necessity!  ‘They’ would be correct! A few months after moving to Frankfurt, Kelly and I sat discussing online resources for things to do in and around Frankfurt. It was then that we realised just how little information we had access to in English and therefore how many cool events and places we were missing out on.

In the days that followed The Frankfurt Edit (TFE) was born – we took it upon ourselves to find, discover and share! Where to shop, where to eat, where to get the best coffee in town and of course where to go for a fun night out! Finally, we wanted more than just run of the mill, we wanted personality, character and to find those places that dare to do something different!

In essence TFE hopes to be your ‘inspirational best friend’ showing you the coolest and best bits of Frankfurt, because trust us, there are plenty!!

Janice Henry
To give you a little insight into who I am I’ll share first a few labels life has ‘given’ me, no label being more important than the other (balance however, I fear may be a myth)….boy mum, wife, friend, yogi, photographer, coffee addict, global citizen, travel enthusiast and now Entrepreneur!

Life began for me on the African continent in the very south, South Africa.  After school and university (I studied Finance at Stellenbosch, probably learnt more about wine though) with barely 2 pennies to rub together (ignorance definitely is bliss) I moved to Europe where I lived in London for many years working in the banking world.  It was in London that I met my husband and had my 2 most precious (and challenging) gifts, my boys!  Next we headed to Asia as a family where we lived in India for 4 years.

India was an incredible journey for me and a place that allowed me to truly grow as an individual and try accept all aspects of myself (the good, the bad and the downright awesome ?) In India I was allowed to truly indulge my passion for travel & photography exploring & documenting some incredible places. India also introduced me to Yoga something I will forever be grateful for (whilst in India I also trained as a yoga teacher, obviously).

I am now lucky enough to continue using my passion of photography on a daily basis and many of the images on this website have been taken with my camera.

I mentioned the word ‘journey’ earlier and my journey now continues here in Frankfurt and I embrace all it has to show me!

Finally, the beauty about a journey is that there are plenty of places to stop & explore along the way…so, come along with TFE for the ride and let Kelly & I show you a few of our favourites!

Kelly Ekardt
Hi! I’m Kelly Ekardt. Yes, my last name is very German. I’m married to one. My maiden name was Stevens. I mean, come on, how original! If you google Kelly Stevens you’ll get like 50 billon other Kelly Stevens. Let’s just say I’m happy to have had the name change.

I’m originally from the US, from a mid-sized American town called Springfield, Missouri (and no, not the one from the Simpsons). I went to University in Columbia, Missouri, where I studied Interior Architecture and Fashion Design. I was awarded a fashion design scholarship to an American School in London for my last semester at uni so I moved to London and partied for 3 months while finishing my studies. This is where I met my German now husband. I moved back to the States after my term abroad and took a job as a Fashion Stylist for an outdoor company called Bass Pro Shops. I travelled a lot during this year and learned a whole lot. My then boyfriend and I travelled back and forth as much as we could during that year, but neither of us had much holiday. Finally we decided to get married. So a year later I was married and living in London, England, where I stayed for 10 years. During this time, I had three different businesses and a daughter named Edith. London was an experience I will never forget. It was tough and exciting all at the same time. After 10 years of the grind, my husband and I thought it was time for a change so we moved to Frankfurt in July 2018.

Now I am concentrating on my freelance styling and design work, my womenswear brand and The Frankfurt Edit.

I love fashion (see my instagram :), styling, designing, music, dancing (please take me dancing), running, eating, drinking, art, tattoos (I’m addicted! You should see my arms and more are coming!), meeting new people (let’s meet!)and now learning how to make Frankfurt my home.