Participate in this years gift guide because let’s face it, Christmas is going to be unlike any other year that’s gone before.  It’s safe to say that many of the festivities that bring so much cheer and joy are likely to cancelled.  And thus we will need to come up with new ways to spread joy and celebrate.

With that being said, one thing that will not be stopped is Santa!  Santa will not rest until he has delivered gifts near and far.  Of course everyone needs a little gift inspiration, even Santa!  So, we will not rest until he gets it!

How the gift guide works

  1. We will photograph all products brands would like featured (products will be returned)
  2. We will publish the full gift guide on our Website on the 12th of December

  3. From the 12-24th we will do individual features of all our participating brands and businesses
  4. Contact us by the 26th of November if you interested in participating

Charity Auction:

Along with this years gift guide we will also be doing an online auction for charity.  We give you the option to donate an item which we will then do a live auction on our website with all the proceeds being donated to a local charity!  This year we are partnering with the charity Lilith Wohnen für Frauen.

If this is something that interests you and you would like to be featured please get in touch with us by the 26th November and we will send you all the relevant details.