Lilith, is a beautiful space bringing you a host of natural and organic skincare in Frankfurt.

The Story

Firstly, we just love how Bianca takes inspiration from mythological Lilith.  However Google ‘Lilith’, and you are met with a barrage of different theories and of course it is for you to decide on which side you err – trail blazer or demon?  Thankfully, Astrology appears to offer a far more simple yet powerful definition:

‘Lilith represents the dark side of femininity, sexual taboo and social transgression.  She represents both mind and matter.’

Now whilst we can delve deeper into folklore and mythology and debate all day we choose not to. Instead, what we take from it is this, Lilith the store is for women who are empowered, women who know their mind and body and women who are not afraid to be whomever they choose rather than what society dictates.  And as we all know, being this insanely brilliant woman requires excellent skin ????

Secondly, Bianca is originally from Corsica and has a long family history of involvement with organic and natural essential oils, so we have it on pretty good authority she knows a thing or two of what she’s talking. Finally, her dream has been to have a natural and organic skincare store in Frankfurt and of course that dream is now a reality and we could not be more delighted!

The Store

Located in Westend, the store has beautiful clean lines and a large marble countertop that commands the main floor, it draws you in and makes you feel instantly calm!

Also, the store space embodies what it sells, no added nasties, no false promises (but often times amazing free gifts) and most importantly they want to make a difference!

The Organic skincare Brands

A highly curated range of brands line the shelves of Lilith.  Each one needing to meet the high standards that Bianca sets for products she believes will benefit her clientele.  To name but a few you’ll find, Fine, The Organic Pharmacy, John Masters Organics, Nailberry, Madara and Alma baby range

Good to know

  • their focus is for their clients to get the best out of their skincare not peddle their products
  • their Nailberry range is like a rainbow of happiness
  • until the 15th November quote ‘TFELILITH’ and get a surprise free gift with any purchase

Grüneburgweg 15
60322Frankfurt am Main

Monday – Friday, 11am – 7pm
Saturday, 10am – 6pm

Additional Info:    Lilith website | Lilith instagram | Lilith facebook