Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say, however, I promise you everyone that walks into or passes this cafe will define it as absolutely beautiful.

Let me begin by describing this glorious place to you. First off, very high ceilings, there is an airiness about it which makes you already feel good.  The walls are graced with plant wallpaper and the ceiling completely covered in what I think are fake plants, but my friends that is beside the point, whatever it may be it’s amazing. The grey flooring brings a certain sophistication to the room, petit black shiny tables and velour grey seating completes the look. Essentially, I would describe this place as a jungle heaven.

Now let’s not forget to talk about why we are actually there, food and drinks. I seriously had one of the best iced lattes of my life and a platter full of hummus, breads and dips. Let’s just say it was mouth watering and completely hit the spot. Even my seven year old daughter was silent, that definitely tells you something.

It’s the perfect place for coffee with friends, a light lunch or drinks in the evening. Whatever you choose, you’ll be satisfied with your surroundings.

Braubachstraße 31,
60311 Frankfurt am Main
Tel: + 49 69 96752944

Sunday – Saturday 10am – 12am

Additional info:   instagram | facebook

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