Set in the relaxed neighbourhood of Westend (opposite the Palmengarten), lies this glorious expanse of green paths winding their way round making for the perfect escape for any joggers, cyclists and skaters wishing to escape the traffic!  With the lawns being largely flat it serves as a great place for a multitude of activities such as football, rugby, badminton or just a good old fashion picnic.

The large park impressively has 5 different playgrounds catering to children of all ages, allowing mothers a brief moment to breathe before being dragged back to their 20th game of football for the day (oh dear is that only me?)!

The park is also home to a Korean garden, a gift in 2005 from South Korea as part of their presentation the year they served as guest of honour for the Frankfurt book fair. To the North West lies a botanical garden separate from that of the Palmengarten which sits across the road.

Towering above the enormous plain trees in the distance (which during the summer months provide much needed shade to many a grateful park goer) stands the Europaturm.  The Europaturm makes for a great beacon for any of you who are directionally challenged and need a ‘true north’ to make their way out the park ????

Feeling parched or a little peckish? Head over to the Schönhof-Pavillon where you’ll find a few things on offer!

August-Siebert-Straße 22
60323 Frankfurt am Main

Price Guide: Free entry, cafè – €