Nothing screams red, white and blue cuisine quite like American BBQ!  Namely, meat slathered in spices and slow cooked over a log fire!  The flavours only intensified by the infusion of smokey notes that have seeped into the meat after hours of cooking.  Along with being American it’s a decidedly Southern way of cooking with each state putting their individual spin on what is a holiday favourite.

Typically pig is the meat of choice, unless you are Texan that is and then only BEEF will do. Now, regardless of the BBQ style our carnivorous friends will be nothing but delighted with the Chicago Williams menu.  We are talking pulled pork, beef brisket, ribs, BBQ chicken followed by a side order of mac and cheese and corn bread!

The Vibe

With American BBQ on offer, expect nothing less than relaxed Southern Charm.  Animal clad waiters cruise around the room serving trays laden with meat so tender it can’t help but fall from the bone.  To complete the look and feel drinks are served in chilled marbelesque beer mugs.

The Look

An eight metre (ish) long bar leads the eye to belly of the restaurant where simple wooden table and chairs await.  Furthermore, a large open kitchen greets you, allowing the curious to eyeball the preparation process!

The Menu:  American BBQ

Unless you are asleep while reading this you should have no doubt as to what is being served.  But for the sake of clarity, meat platters laden with pulled pork, brisket, BBQ ribs, BBQ chicken are your staples.  Your side orders include cornbread, mac and cheese, mash and gravy and baked beans.  Also don’t overlook the sandwiches, all generously filled with the aforementioned delectables.  To sum up, this is any meat eaters dream however whilst there are one or two vegan options perhaps they would prefer somewhere else.

Speciality Boozy Brunch

Undoubtedly a brunch to remember and a brunch to repeat!!  Not only are the espresso martinis deliriously good and the bacon rashers an inch thick but also the DJ spinning his decks takes this brunch to the next level!!  Now if that doesn’t convince you, perhaps the promise of fried chicken waffles, salmon bagels and freshly baked biscuits might do the trick!

Good to know:

  • check out their menu
  • we highly recommend their boozy brunch on a Saturday and Sunday.
  • there are vegan options available but honestly perhaps somewhere else may be best

Mainzer Landstraße 167
60327 Frankfurt am Main

Take away Hours:

Daily:  11am – 9pm

Take away Phone Number:


Additional Info:    website | instagram | facebook